Cruises to Bremerton

Bremerton, Washington

Take a memorable Alaska cruise adventure to Bremerton, Washington. Nestled on the western shore of Puget Sound, Bremerton is a hidden gem on the Alaska cruise itinerary. As your ship glides into Sinclair Inlet, the panoramic view of the town against a backdrop of lush forests and majestic Olympic Mountains is an awe-inspiring sight. Bremerton, renowned for its maritime heritage, vibrant arts scene, and natural beauty, offers a unique mix of urban charm and outdoor adventure.

Bremerton Harbor can accommodate cruise ships directly at its Port of Bremerton marina. Ships generally dock in the early morning, providing ample time for passengers to explore the town and its surroundings. At the harbor, visitors can stroll along the waterfront boardwalk, visit local shops, or relax at the Harborside Fountain Park. The harbor boasts several facilities including restaurants, restrooms, and a nearby ferry terminal offering connections to Seattle.


Bremerton, a thriving town steeped in maritime tradition, offers an array of attractions. Tour the U.S. Navy's Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, or delve into the city's naval history at the Puget Sound Navy Museum. For art lovers, the Bremerton Arts District brims with galleries, studios, and the renowned Admiral Theatre. Don't miss the local parks, particularly Evergreen Rotary Park, offering beautiful views over the inlet.

Bremerton's rich history is intricately tied to its maritime and naval heritage. The town was a major shipbuilding center during WWII, a legacy well preserved in its many museums and historical sites. The vibrant arts scene contributes to Bremerton's unique cultural fabric, with numerous events and festivals taking place throughout the year, celebrating local music, art, and traditions.

Attractions and Activities

Bremerton offers numerous excursions for outdoor enthusiasts. Embark on a whale-watching tour from the harbor, or take a guided fishing trip in Puget Sound. Explore local hiking trails such as the scenic Gold Creek Trail, or kayak along the tranquil Dyes Inlet. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round at one of the local courses, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Local Speciality

Bremerton's dining scene reflects its coastal location, with seafood featuring prominently in local cuisine. Savor a bowl of Pacific Northwest clam chowder or indulge in locally caught Dungeness crab. Local breweries offer a selection of craft beers, and don't miss a chance to sample Washington State's renowned wines at one of Bremerton's wine bars.

Shopping in Bremerton offers a chance to support local artisans. The town is known for its handmade crafts, from ceramics and glasswork to intricate wood carvings. Local boutiques also offer a selection of unique Alaskan jewelry, art, and apparel. Local farmers' markets are a great place to pick up organic produce, homemade jams, and other locally made food products.

Best time to visit Bremerton

Summer months, particularly July and August, offer the most favorable weather for exploring Bremerton and participating in outdoor activities. These months coincide with local events such as the Bremerton Summer BrewFest and Blackberry Festival, enhancing your visit with unique cultural experiences.

Bremerton, Washington Cruise Schedule 2024

From the moment your ship docks at Bremerton Harbor, to the time you reluctantly bid farewell, you'll find this charming town has much to offer. Whether it's the rich maritime history, the thriving arts scene, or the opportunities for outdoor exploration, Bremerton creates lasting memories that resonate long after your Alaska cruise journey concludes.