Cruises to Gulf Islands

Gulf Islands, British Columbia

Take a memorable Alaska cruise adventure to Gulf Islands, British Columbia. Discover the enchanting Gulf Islands on your Alaska cruise, a destination renowned for its stunning landscapes and untouched wilderness. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these islands, where lush forests, picturesque coastlines, and tranquil beaches await. Experience a sense of serenity as you navigate through the pristine waters surrounding these islands, providing a perfect backdrop for your unforgettable journey.

The Gulf Islands, located along the southeastern coast of Vancouver Island, are a collection of picturesque islands offering a diverse range of highlights. Explore the charming towns and villages dotted across the islands, each with its own unique character and attractions. Enjoy scenic hikes through lush forests, kayak along the rugged shorelines, and indulge in the vibrant local arts and culture scene. From the ship, you can admire the stunning views of rolling hills, secluded bays, and abundant wildlife.

Immerse yourself in the local culture and history of the Gulf Islands through onboard educational and cultural lectures presented by native communities. Gain insights into the traditions, customs, and stories of the Indigenous peoples who have inhabited these lands for centuries. Learn about their connection to the natural environment, their artistic expressions, and the preservation efforts to protect the cultural heritage of the islands. Engage in interactive workshops, performances, and exhibitions that celebrate the rich tapestry of the Gulf Islands' cultural heritage.

The scenic beauty of Gulf Islands

The Gulf Islands present abundant photography opportunities, with breathtaking landscapes and unique features that captivate the lens. Capture the vibrant sunsets casting warm hues over the tranquil waters. Frame the rugged coastlines against the backdrop of lush forests, showcasing the harmony between land and sea. Photograph the charming coastal towns, with their colorful houses and bustling harbors. Seek out wildlife encounters, such as bald eagles soaring overhead or playful seals popping their heads out of the water. Don't miss the chance to document the beauty and serenity of the Gulf Islands through your camera lens.


The Gulf Islands boast a diverse and captivating landscape, characterized by rolling hills, rocky shores, and verdant forests. Explore secluded beaches with driftwood-strewn shores, where you can enjoy a peaceful stroll or simply bask in the natural beauty. Wander through meandering trails that wind through old-growth forests, inhaling the earthy scents and listening to the gentle rustle of leaves. Marvel at the variety of flora and fauna, from vibrant wildflowers to towering evergreens. The Gulf Islands offer a sanctuary of natural wonders, inviting you to connect with the unspoiled beauty of the Pacific Northwest.


The Gulf Islands are teeming with marine life and wildlife, providing ample opportunities for observation and photography. Keep a lookout for orcas swimming alongside the ship, their graceful movements leaving you in awe. Spot seals and sea lions sunning themselves on rocky outcrops, and if you're lucky, catch a glimpse of dolphins playfully frolicking in the waves. Bird enthusiasts will delight in the abundance of avian species, including bald eagles, herons, and ospreys. The Gulf Islands offer a haven for nature lovers, allowing you to witness the wonders of the natural world up close.

Attractions and Activities

The Gulf Islands offer a myriad of exciting adventures and outdoor activities for all types of explorers. Embark on guided hiking trails that wind through forests, leading you to breathtaking viewpoints and hidden treasures. Take to the waters on a kayak or paddleboard, navigating the pristine coastlines and discovering secluded coves. Explore marine reserves, dive sites, and wildlife sanctuaries, where you can witness a diverse array of marine life up close. Engage in bird-watching, fishing, or cycling, and embrace the spirit of adventure that awaits around every corner.

Best time to visit Gulf Islands

The best time to visit the Gulf Islands on an Alaska cruise is during the summer months, from June to September. This period offers pleasant weather, longer daylight hours, and a greater chance to spot marine life, such as orcas, seals, and sea lions. The islands come alive with festivals, farmers' markets, and cultural events during this time, providing a vibrant atmosphere to immerse yourself in the local island life. Whether you seek outdoor adventures or cultural experiences, the summer months offer the optimal conditions for exploring the Gulf Islands.

Gulf Islands, British Columbia Cruise Schedule 2024

A visit to the Gulf Islands on your Alaska cruise promises a captivating and immersive experience, where untouched nature, rich cultural heritage, and thrilling adventures await. Whether you're drawn to the stunning landscapes, the chance to engage with local communities, or the opportunity to witness diverse wildlife, the Gulf Islands offer a journey of exploration and discovery. Embrace the serenity of these islands, capture unforgettable moments through your camera lens, and leave with cherished memories of an extraordinary destination that celebrates the harmonious blend of land, sea, and culture.