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Nome, Alaska

Take a memorable Alaska cruise adventure to Nome, Alaska. Lying on the southern Seward Peninsula coast of the Bering Sea, Nome, Alaska, captivates with its intriguing history, diverse landscapes, and dynamic local culture. As your ship approaches the coastline, the rustic charm of this former gold rush town unfolds, promising a journey through time and a close encounter with Alaska's untouched wilderness. Nome, rich in marine life and boasting a variety of bird species, serves as a perfect gateway for exploring the remote corners of the state. Upon arrival, you're greeted by vistas of tundra expanses, vibrant wildflower fields, and miles of serene beaches – a testament to Alaska's raw, natural beauty.

Nome's port, located near the city center, is a tender port, which means smaller vessels transport passengers from the anchored ship to the shore. Cruises generally arrive in the morning, allowing guests to make the most of the long daylight hours in this northern destination. The duration of the port of call typically spans the day, affording plenty of time for activities and exploration. The harbor area itself bustles with activity, offering fishing charters, local dining options, and souvenir shops. Nearby, the Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum and the Nome Visitor Center provide fascinating insights into the region's past and present.


Nome's town center is a blend of the historic and the contemporary. Its Gold Rush origins are evident in the rustic buildings that line the main street, interspersed with modern amenities and local businesses. Highlights include the historic Saint Joseph Catholic Church and the Anvil City Square, which features gold rush era displays and an impressive whale bone arch. The town's famous Iditarod Trail, once a vital supply route during the winter months, now serves as a gateway to outdoor exploration. Activities in town range from exploring local art galleries, immersing oneself in local festivals, to leisurely beach walks on the town’s scenic shores.

Nome’s cultural landscape is a rich tapestry woven from indigenous heritage, gold rush lore, and contemporary Alaskan life. The native Inupiaq Eskimo traditions are deeply intertwined with the town’s identity, reflected in its music, dance, and arts. Historic landmarks and local museums like the Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum, narrate the tales of gold rush fervor that once engulfed this region. Local events such as the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and the Midnight Sun Festival are annual traditions that celebrate Nome's resilience and community spirit. Moreover, this Arctic town is known for its vibrant music scene, showcasing local talent through events like the Nome Folk Festival.

Attractions and Activities

Nome's natural playground beckons visitors seeking diverse outdoor experiences. Guided tours provide a chance to explore the town's historic trails and gold-laden creeks, perhaps even panning for gold. Wildlife and bird watching excursions offer opportunities to spot reindeer, musk oxen, and a myriad of bird species. The surrounding waters, brimming with fish like salmon and halibut, are perfect for fishing enthusiasts. For the more adventurous, hiking and ATV tours into the tundra landscape open up vistas of stunning panoramas and possible encounters with Nome’s diverse fauna.

Local Speciality

Nome's food scene, much like the town itself, is a blend of traditional and contemporary influences. Local restaurants offer Alaskan fare with fresh seafood, including halibut, salmon, and king crab, being the star attractions. Traditional dishes such as akutaq (Eskimo ice cream) and sourdough pancakes nod to the area's native roots. Pair these meals with locally brewed craft beers for a complete culinary experience. Don't forget to try locally foraged berries, often served in pies or as part of other sweet treats.

Supporting Nome's local community is easy when shopping for souvenirs and mementos. Local stores and markets offer a range of handcrafted items from native artisans, including traditional Inupiaq crafts, carvings, and woven baskets. Nome is also known for its gold nugget jewelry, a nod to its Gold Rush history. Additionally, locally made food products like wild berry jams and local honey make for unique and delicious gifts. Don't forget to pick up some local music CDs, capturing the unique sounds of this Arctic town.

Best time to visit Nome

The best time to visit Nome coincides with the Alaskan cruise season, which stretches from late spring through early fall. June to August offers the most pleasant weather for outdoor exploration and wildlife spotting. Moreover, the summer months play host to several local events, like the Midnight Sun Festival in June and the Nome River Raft Race in July. For bird watchers, spring and fall serve as exciting periods due to the region's bird migration patterns. No matter the time of year, Nome promises an authentic Alaskan experience with a unique blend of culture, history, and natural splendor.

Nome, Alaska Cruise Schedule 2024

Stepping into Nome, Alaska, feels like stepping into a vibrant chronicle of history, tradition, and adventure. The allure of this Alaskan port lies in its diverse offerings – whether it's immersing oneself in the captivating tales of Gold Rush frenzy, exploring the beautiful landscapes and wildlife, or indulging in delicious local cuisine. As you depart from Nome, the images of the town's charming streets, breathtaking tundra, and warm community spirit will remain etched in your memory. With each visit, Nome reveals a new facet of its multifaceted character, reinforcing its status as a must-visit destination on an Alaskan cruise. This humble town, with its gold-ridden creeks and the heartwarming hospitality of its people, encapsulates the authentic spirit of Alaska.

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