Cruises to Princess Royal Channel

Princess Royal Channel, British Columbia

Take a memorable Alaska cruise adventure to Princess Royal Channel, British Columbia. Imagine yourself aboard an Alaskan cruise ship, skirting the vast expanse of the Princess Royal Channel. Situated in British Columbia, Canada, this destination is a lesser-known gem on an Alaska cruise itinerary. Here, Mother Nature reveals herself in all her grandeur, offering glimpses of her mesmerizing beauty, from the dense evergreen forests and soaring bald eagles to the playful sea otters that inhabit these waters. The Princess Royal Channel allows you to bask in serenity, away from the hustle and bustle, amidst the resplendent beauty of the Great Nort

The Princess Royal Channel is a long, narrow passage located between the mainland and Princess Royal Island. It's a showcase of unspoiled wilderness, where misty mountains meet the pristine waters, creating a spectacular panorama visible from your ship. The dense forests that flank the Channel are home to unique wildlife species, and the waters are a playground for a variety of marine life. As you sail through the Channel, you can spot several waterfalls cascading down, lending an ethereal charm to the location.

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The scenic beauty of Princess Royal Channel

The Princess Royal Channel offers abundant photography opportunities. The juxtaposition of the dense forest and the pristine waters creates stunning landscapes worth capturing. Spot bald eagles in flight, capture a sea otter's playful antics, or focus on the calm, serene waters reflecting the surrounding beauty. The occasional waterfall or the sight of a rainbow arching across the sky also present unique photographic moments.


The natural landscapes around Princess Royal Channel are nothing short of breathtaking. The dense forests of Sitka spruce, western hemlock, and cedar trees give way to a rocky shoreline that greets the clear waters of the Channel. The mountainous backdrop, often shrouded in a misty veil, adds to the Channel's magical allure. The confluence of land, water, and sky creates a harmonious spectacle of nature's grandeur.


The Princess Royal Channel is a haven for wildlife and marine life. On land, you may spot black bears and wolves, while overhead, bald eagles and ravens can be seen. In the water, expect sightings of playful sea otters, harbor seals, and the occasional dolphin. During the right season, you may even catch sight of humpback whales breaching.

Attractions and Activities

Princess Royal Channel presents ample opportunities for off-board excursions and adventure. Guided kayak trips provide a more intimate exploration of the Channel, getting you up close with the area's marine life. Hiking trails lead you through the lush, green wilderness, offering chances to spot unique bird species and wildlife. For the more adventurous, fishing expeditions can be arranged to try your luck at hooking a salmon or halibut.

Best time to visit Princess Royal Channel

The best months to explore Princess Royal Channel on an Alaska cruise are from June to September. During this period, the weather is more accommodating, and the chance to spot wildlife is significantly higher. It is also a fantastic time to witness the lush greenery and blooming wildflowers, enhancing the Channel's natural beauty.

Princess Royal Channel, British Columbia Cruise Schedule 2024

Sailing through the tranquil waters of the Princess Royal Channel provides an intimate experience of Alaska's wild beauty. A trip here offers more than just a chance to witness stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife; it also provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature. The Channel reminds us of the world's simple, quiet places where life thrives undisturbed. So, as you embark on this journey, prepare to leave with a renewed sense of appreciation for our natural world.